Fashionable Shades That Are All The Rage, And Why You Need Them

DISCLOSURE: Please note that we are not paid for our selection. These are honest choices that come from our staff after mindful selection. However, we may use affiliate links in which we earn a commission if you make a purchase.

When your future’s so bright, you have to wear shades, right? So what shades are the coolest for this bright sunny weather? We searched and found the most fly and affordable shades under $100 that will surely make people do a double-take.

For Trendsetters Looking To Create A Serious Buzz

Photo Courtesy of Vuliwear

If you’re looking for the “fly-est” pair of sunglasses on the market, Vuliwear delivers!

This unique brand of designer fashion eyewear causing a buzz is inspired by the awesome colors and patterns of insects’ eyes. Yup, you heard right, bugs. The exclusive lenses are fully polarized, unisex and protect your eyes from harmful UV ray damage while looking oh-so chic!

For Those Who Want A Sweet Way To Be Fashionably Shady

Photo Courtesy of Cake Eyewear

Listen, when I tell you that Cake Eyewear is one of my favorite places to find the perfect eyewear, I tell you the truth! Their eyewear is the icing on the cake, especially their new collection. Cake Eyewear is meant to be fun and fresh and is available at affordable prices to allow you to keep up with the latest looks without breaking your bank.

The A-List Glasses Seeker Who Gets All Their Cues From The Stars

Photo Courtesy of Prive Revaux

Jamie Foxx described Privé Revaux, as “fly and affordable” and he was definitely on point. The new Benzo Collection, by Ashley Benson, will have you excited to give a little shady. These glasses are not only affordable but chic and stylish enough to be seen on celebrities like the stylish Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Foxx, and more!

For Those Who Play Hard, But Not When It Comes To Purchasing Great Glasses

Photo Courtesy of Vigor

If you are active, then you need performance eyewear that enhances the human athletic spirit. Vigor proves to be the eyewear you need to remove distractions especially if you play golf or any outdoor activity. You will experience the freedom to play harder whether it is on the course on in the car going afar.

For The Lady Who’s Taking Cues From Cardi B And Making Some Serious “Money Moves”

Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Store

“Make Money Moves” in these white as snow, cat-eye shades by the one and only Cardi B. These classic shapes will take you back to the days of chic and ladylike style.

For the Women Who Need To Block Negative Shade

Let me tell you just how awesome these glasses are — they were stolen. That’s right, while I was on vacation, I dropped them in the pool and when I went to retrieve them they were gone! I was in shock, but then I realized that these glasses are just that chic.

So if you need to block out the negative shade, these are the glasses you not only want but need.

What shades will you be rocking? Share your thoughts and claps below.



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Heather Elitou

As a ghost writer, she helps many authors tell their story to the world. As a writer, she shares her stories to help others think deeper than the internet.